Homearama 2014

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Welcome to Clayton Douglas Homes!

You have a choice. Don't settle for less quality to save a few pennies, or pay too much for someone else's overhead. Right in the middle, is a small, family run builder who cares about quality, without charging extra for it! I've been blessed to turn my passion for construction and design into a career. I only work on a couple of projects at a time, affording me the ability to give each project the attention to detail it deserves. One thing that's been consistent in my life, is to surround myself with smart, talented people, and I'm proud to work with some of the finest craftsmen in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Please allow me to help make your dream project a reality.

Be sure to check out our Custom 2014 Homearama Home in the "Custom Homes" tab!  We are very proud to have won 12 awards at our first Homearama, including Favorite Home!  

For more details visit the 2014 Homearama Website.